Space Cadets

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spacerWhen: Friday, April 7 & 14, 8PM
Where: Logan Fringe Arts Space: Trinidad Theatre, 1358 Florida Ave NE Washington, DC
Cost: $15
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Space Cadets, presented by Next Day Theater and Rabble Crew Productions, is a scifi comedy odyssey by eight endearingly geeky playwrights. Their stories of Gen X, Y and Z space adventurers, plus a passel of aliens, will turn your cosmic soundtrack into a non-stop laugh track.

The show opens with ship captains vying for recruits at Flight Fair, luring them with promises of epic adventure, liquor, and cake. Not surprisingly, little goes as planned. Laugh along as a dingo, stripper, sibling rivalry, salty treats, and the MOTHAship guide the space cadets on their way to a brave new world.

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