InterFusion Festival

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insustionWhen: February 10 – February 13
Where: The Westin Alexandria, 400 Courthouse Sq, Alexandria, Virginia
Cost: Full Festival – $150, Day Pass – $85, Night Pass – $30
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Experience the Largest Art Fusion Festival at the Luxurious Westin on Valentine’s Weekend. Choose from Over 80 Unique Workshops, 3 Nights of World Class Shows & Over 20 Hours of Exclusive Parties.

Genres Include:
Acro Yoga | Tantra | Bachata | Pole Dance | Thai Massage | Salsa | Conscious Dance | Zouk | Partner-Yoga | Belly Dancing | Hula Hoop | Mambo | Samba | Capoeira | Contact Improv | Tango | Kizomba | Laughter Yoga | West Coast Swing | Cha Cha |Meditation | Mindfulness | Sound Healing | And More!

3 Nights of Parties Across 6 Ballrooms Playing Salsa, Bachata,
Kizomba Zouk, EDM & Mix. Optional Party Dress Themes:

Friday Masquerade Ball: Dress Classy & Mysterious
Saturday Be My Valentine: Dress in Red, Pink or White
Sunday Live The Dream: Dress as a Dreamy Self

Workshops to Choose Your Experiences Include:

Intro Acro Yoga (Beginner)
[By: Lili, Dean & Elise]
Come be a kid again! Learn to lift your friends, be lifted, trust yourself and your friends.

Kizomba (Beginner)
[By: David Campos]
David Campos will lead you to explore the beautiful and sensual dance of Kizomba. Kizomba is perfect for anyone who wants to enter the world of social dance!

Belly Dancing (All Levels)
[By: Margarita Kleese]
In this workshop you will learn proper technique & isolations for the main belly dance moves and how to incorporate them into your own one of a kind dance.

Laughter Yoga (Beginner)
[By: Savitri Khalsa]
Laughter Yoga is a powerful exercise with numerous health benefits for mind, body and spirit. Oxygenate your whole being with the most joyous pranayam ever. Side effect happy!

Healing Dancers Devotion (All Levels)
[By: Liz Strom]
This workshop will incorporate the very basics of stretching, sound therapy, aromatherapy, massage, positive affirmations, mindset, diet, & clarity so that dancers can take what works for them and create their own sort of personal self-care and self-love ritual / practice.

West Coast Swing (Beginner)
[By: Cat Crosby]
In this workshop, we will introduce you to our addiction – West Coast Swing (WCS).

Hula Hoop Dance (All Levels)
[By: Lea Short & Jacinda Slagle]
Hula Hooping is a flow art drawing influence from art forms such as rhythmic gymnastics, hip-hop, freestyle dance, fire performance, twirling, poi, and other dance and movement forms.

Acrobatics Acroyoga Tricks (All Levels)
[By: Ari Darmon]
This workshop fuses beginner level acrobatics with dance techniques.

Zafire Mambo On2 Styling (All Levels)
[By: Carlos Hernandez & Arlette Guerra]
Arlette will personally guide you through her very own explosive and intrinsic shines. These shines will transport you to the Bronx and will make you feel that exciting Latin flavor that Zafire transmits, helping you gain new insight to your own playful movement on the dance floor.

Bachata Partnerwork (All Levels)
[By: Henry Zelaya]
This workshop will teach bachata partnerwork, turn patterns and combinations to enjoy on the social dance floor.

Qigong Energy Flow (Beginner)
[By: Dr. Pia Puatrakul]
Qigong is the practice of cultivating energy or life force. It is a moving meditation practice that tunes into and enlivens the natural flow of energy within the body. In this class we will introduce the basic concepts of qigong, and practice standing and moving meditation.

Thai Massage (Beginner)
[By: Claudia Paredes & Munir Kamhi]
A partner-based massage class that invites participants to explore new ways to connect with each other by cultivating internal awareness. We will explore how we hold tension in our own bodies and different ways to release it. We will then cultivate this awareness by sharing it with each other.

Acroyoga Tricks (All Levels)
[By: Ari Darmon & Dana Coppola]
This workshop fuses beginner level acrobatics with dance techniques. The acrobatic movements and acts of balance performed in a dance are referred to as tricks. Together we will explore how you can incorporate a variety of basic acro tricks with your choice of social dance genres.

ZenZouk (All Levels)
[By: Jessica Lamdon & Ry’el Zenzouk]
Jessica and Ry’el will guide you to explore body awareness and the connections in zouk that will help you connect authentically in other dances as well!

Samba (Beginner)
[By: Michelle Clark]
Explore the dance that incorporates its Afro-Brazilian roots and the rhythms of a Brazilian carnaval throughout your body as an expression of freedom of movement.

Unlock Healing (All Levels)
[By: Bridget Hargadon Hughes]
Tap into your mind-body connection and heal. Unlock dormant inner resources that impact peak performance, peak athletics, and radical health. Learn to make Inner Molecules of Medicine and elevate your body, mind and spirit to the next level. Heal and grow from the inside out.

Bachata Nueva (All Levels)
Bachata Nueva is one of the latest Bachata fusion trends blending the styling, footwork and bodywork of sensual bachata with R&B music. This workshop will give an introduction of Bachata Nueva style cover the topics of R&B and Hip-Hop musicality, universal leading and following skills and movement illusions.

Capoeira (Beginner)
[By: Bohasha Porto]
Capoeira is a martial art that combines elements of fight, acrobatics, music, dance and rituals in a very elegant and magnetic way. Performed by two people, it is often called “Capoeira game” that is played, not a fight.

Latin Fusion Styling (All Levels)
[By: Linda Saenz]
Take your social dancing to the next level with this styling class geared towards latin dance followers. You will learn tricks and techniques for dancing like a professional with catchy footwork patterns, body movement and arm styling.

Salsa On1 Rhythmic Movements (Beginner)
[By: David Norton]
David Norton will walk you through salsa partner dancing on 1 with a special emphasis on rhythm and movement. Dancers of all skill levels are encouraged to attend. A dance partner is not required for this class, as students will rotate partners throughout the class.


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