Digital Eye @BlindWhino

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When: October 16 – October 17, 6PM
Where: Blind Whino SW Arts Club, 700 Delaware Avenue SW, Washington, DC
Cost: $20
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The Privacy Paradox: Discover how you crave and forfeit your privacy.

Digital Eye @BlindWhino is an exciting, interactive event merging theater, film and a live game show to explore how the Digital Age is affecting our everyday lives. As technology moves towards a more intimate experience with its users, we find our private lives becoming the commodity for a global market of data-miners, phishers, and hackers. Our private selves – what we watch, what we like, where we go – can all be used overtly or covertly to determine what we do. We invite you to consider how you fit in at the dawn of a new era.

View thought-provoking micro-plays and filmed performances produced by Europe’s most innovative playwrights and directed by Washington’s leading theaters. Team up for challenges revealing fun yet disturbing truths about how others predict our personalities. Lend your voice to a talk with renowned international digital and privacy experts. Experience one of DC’s most visually stunning venues as the evening challenges your understanding of what it means to be a connected individual.

Enjoy food trucks and a cash bar while you interact with Digital Eye @BlindWhino.

This hybrid cultural-political experience is part of the transatlantic theater project P3M5 (Plurality of Privacy in Five-Minute Plays;, a partnership between European and American cultural organizations to engage in the changing nature of privacy in the digital age.

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