Argentine Festival 2017 – Preview Exhibit Reception

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argenWhen: Friday, May 12, 6 – 8:30 PM
Where: Embassy of Argentina, 1600 New Hampshire Ave., NW, Washington, DC
Cost: $10 donation
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The Exhibition of the 30th Festival Argentino is an exciting celebration showcasing the cultural and culinary traditions of Washington’s argentine and diverse community. This exhibition promotes the atmosphere of vibrant displays of visual art, banners and images with artists participating the next day in the 30th Festival Argentino.

Come hear celebrities singing few songs a Capella! Don’t miss the opportunity to imagine a Journey through time of music, interviews, promos and and more…Complimentary wine and empanadas and a raffle!  You can also Register onsite and save $10 on the next Day “30th Festival Argentino” in Arlington, VA!

Festival artists include:

The Ceibales: Traditional Folklore Group from Salta
Emboyere: Chamame from Corrientes
Claroscuro: Folk trio from Salta
Francisco Cuestas: Fusion
Paola Ruiz Diaz: Folk & Romantic
Oscar Magallanes: Chakaymanta School of Malambo Argentino
Ceibo: Folk
Celina Armas: Bolero
Julian Ratti: Folk from Santa Fe
Patricia Ratti: Folk

Local artists: Carlos Gutiérrez; Pontitango, Liza and Alexey Semyonov (tango). Cristian Perez, guitar and Yana Hristova, flute. Special guest from Bolivia: Salvatore (music).

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