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Why Did I start Small Friendly Planet?

Small Friendly Planet provides a social networking platform focused on community, wine and food in the DC area and beyond.

What better way to build a community then around good wine and food?  Information on wine education, small businesses associated with food and wine, local food and wine-related events in DC area and beyond are listed on the site.

In addition, I promote opportunities to participate in the community via volunteerism or off the beaten path events such as film screenings and cultural outings.

Each month, I feature a person living in DC who is doing something amazing or interesting and provide links to wine experts and writers and enthusiasts around the world.

Since it’s a community, feel free to e-mail me suggestions to add to the site at sfpdc@yahoo.com.

Network Defined: An alliance among like-minded individuals whose goals are to provide each other with help, insight and opportunities. The greater the number members who are part of the network, the stronger the relationship and the more efficient the process to obtain and provide helpful information.

How this Network works: By participating in the network, you can get the word out about yourself or organization in an efficient, strategic manner in a supportive environment.

About Me….

I came to Washington, DC in 1993 to be a White House intern as part of my graduate program at Boston University. I became hooked on DC and decided to stay. I worked at C-SPAN for about eight years and during that time, earned a second masters degree from Georgetown University’s Communications, Culture and Technology graduate program.

Small Friendly Planet strives to use the Internet to maximize opportunities to connect as part of a community and for members to promote accomplishments and participation in community activities.

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